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The perfect way to get your customers attention, and response.

Web video is one of best lead generation tools available to you on the internet. Video immediately engages your website visitors in a way that simple text and static graphics cannot match in terms of creating your lead generating system. At Sell-Ware we have taken the power of web video to a higher level by creating the Powermercial™. Powermercials enable you to create videos to personally introduce your services and products directly to prospective customers and convey your expertise, credibility, expertise and what separates you from the competition.

The Powermercial™ provides you a world-class video advertisement specifically encoded and delivered to 10 audience platforms including online social media, mobile channels, video sharing websites and more. Powermercial™ comes with PowerBroadcast™, which broadcasts it to over 700 Million people via YouTube™, key social networks, search engine landing pages and other viral platforms including email, mobile phones and tradeshows.